The boy who was born in England.....Munif nak balik Malaysia ye! Bestnye

Today, the first person that I've met and get along since living in UK last 2 months going back home. Bring together the title Dr Siti and her husband, Dr Sarajul. Bestnye...best sangat-sangat. Not forgeting their Bettle and Mercedes C220 and the loaded container lorry. I am happy for them. Hopefully me and husband will follow their successful paths. Complete their PhD within 3 years.

Dr Siti Hamidah...

For anybody especially, PhD members around the world who want to get tips from Dr Siti Hamidah ...you can visit my husband's blog...


The 45 minutes record is very very useful for us to know the tips on how to survive in this PhD world. I love her tips about how she won the national presentation, how she writing and completing her thesis, how she prepared for her Viva and the Doa tips as well.

There's will be one day our turn, going back home with PhD

There's will be our turn going back home..hate this autumn breeze..

There's a load more on PhD tips you can have from his blog. He recorded all the Sembang-Sembang Berisi (SSB), an activity amongst Melayu PhD students at loughborough... Rajin suami I ni... However you must download the Veoh software in order to play the records...

Just a brief summary of what I've learnt from her tips..
1. Start writing the thesis from the first year. Continuous writing. She just using her journal paper and insert into her thesis.

2. For presentation, must get ready 2 weeks before the day of presentation. Find useful tips how to design slides from the Internet. Run the presentation practices amongst members that can give useful advices. Practice 10 times in front others (husband, close friend). Hafal the first 7 slides in order to show others our self-confident.

3. About doa, before have a meeting with supervisor, Viva etc, baca al-fatihah setiap kali lepas solat ditujukan buat Saidina Ali, then abaca ayat no 21 dari surah yusof sebanyak 30x..but bukan keseluruhan ayat..ayat tengah2..(nak tau kene pi dengar jugak video tuh)..amalkan baca sampaila ke tempat viva, presentation , meeting etc.

The coming VC of UTM...Dr Sarajul :)


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