The first day when I met my supervisors

At University Park

On 29 Sept, the day in history...I met my supervisors, Mike and Bob. Actually, I thought I am going to meet Bob (2nd s/vsor). But then, he already arranged with mike to have a meeting together. Mike quite friendly than Bob. He loves to talk about his life. His daughter has a business at lboro. His son at Jakarta, has a Muslim girlfriend whom fasting as well. Has been to KL visiting the petronas tower etc. I knew him more than Bob from that meeting.

Bob likely focused into the research matter. He lend me a book entitled ' How to get Phd'. He's expecting me more such as come everyday to the office, has twice meeting for a month. He knows more about academic than Mike. He said NO about my proposal.

They rejected my proposal. They said my proposal more into implementation. Yaaa, I know about it. It just like a Master proposal. Thus I have to dig dig again. Mike explained to me more about how to think critically. Create arguments. But Bob just said, you have to find the idea by yourself. You should not expect the supervisors give it to. Bob really got nasty shock when I said I can just come to the office perhaps twice a week. But, for positive impression, I said, just for a month since I still not settling down at Notts.... wuaaa...pening kepala...mcm mane ni? actually, I am planning to go to the office for this first year for about 2-3 times a week as I have to let my husband does his research as well. I dont want to live here more than 3 years.......! Ada sesapa ke yang boleh jaga anak2 kami ni...wuaa....!

That's the story about me. How about them that behind the door. They're playing whilst waiting me about 1 hour.

kak cah


They're getting bored. Then we off to the University park. There' s a lot of big birds.

Happily faces bile dapat keluar dari kereta

At University Park, heading to Portland Building

Since I have plagiarism class at 2 o'clock, so my children has to wait for me again before we can go back to lboro. So, what their xtvt?

Tido duduk dalam keta

Imran as usual tido sambil kene peluk


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