Semangat PhD

Before joining PhD:

* I want to win the Nobel Prize.
* I want to win the Turing Award.

First year of PhD:

* I want to finish PhD in two years.
* I want to publish papers only in top tier conferences.
* I want to make ground-breaking research.
* I want to win the best PhD Thesis award.

Second yearof PhD:

* I want to finish PhD in 5 years.
* I want a problem.
* Shall I change my advisor?

Third yearof PhD:

* I want a paper; I don't care which conference..
* Shall I change my topic?
* I want to be known as Dr bhOndOO.

Fourth year of PhD:

* I want to finish PhD!
* My industry-friends have two children by now. When will I get

Fifth year of PhD:

* Why did I come here?
* Why did I choose this advisor?
* Why did I choose this topic?

Sixth year of PhD:

* Someone give me a degree!
* I want to leave this place — forever.
* Let me leave.

Seventh year of PhD:

* People call me uncle.
* She waited and finally married someone else..
* I don't want any degree. I just want to live peacefully


::Umi Sufira:: berkata...

"kehkehkeh"..itu je mampu aku kata...

chucky berkata...

sbb tu aku x amek phd

Efa berkata...

ahahhhahaha.. tergelak2 sy baca ni. Dah terlambat la plak utk berpatah balik kak.. :p

Fadzlina Nawi berkata...

Teruk nih... backwards motivation, lol!

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