Getting into the habit of writing

Since last 2 days, I have suffered with slight oppps... severe sore throat ( I think because of the heater) and high fever. I can't even managed my children. No nasi for 2 days. When aisyah asked, " bu nak nasi", kesian jugak. But then, I replied, tunggu papa balik bawak ayam. Bile nak susu baru pun I said must wait for papa. I can't stand with this weather anymore. Tak best langsung. The cold is more than I could stand. Papa said, it could be a snow last night as he saw our wheelie bin has white spots on its top.

This low degree temperature makes me suffer! I just experienced only minus 1 degree. Not yet the minus minus degree. The night before the first snow fall this year (about last 2 weeks) made my skin experiences severe dry skin. Terasa pedih sangat2 when me put the moisturizer on my face. I am always thinking how these people can adopt with this extreme weather. When read or heard my friends at malaysia mentioned about the hot weather they have to face with, I wish I will feel like them too. I missed the situation when the steering was too hot to hold on the midday and quickly turn on the aircond or opened the window sebab rase macam nak meletup duduk dalam kereta kepanasan.

Only this night, I am feeling better. I have the energy to do the laundry and accompany aisyah watching the cartoon till 12 midnight. And it's 3 o'clock in the morning and I can't sleep. Thinking what to make for breakfast and wanna cook the ketam sambal sira for lunchtime. But then I think I have to control the level of spicy in our meal. I am not sure this sore throat is because of the sambal belacan (first time ever I made sambal belacan in UK) or the ketam masak cili api that I've cooked the 2 days before. Sumenye pedas2..

OK back on the title. I have attended the graduate training class last week for knowing the tips to have the habit of writing. I learned 3 techniques
1. Freestyle writing
2. Mind mapping
3. Bullet/ structured notes

In order to have the habits, we should write at least 5 minutes everyday for the beginning. But then, we could increase the time day by day. Writing a diary or blog could be the starter to have the habit. When doing the writing, especially if based on freestyle, we should write anything that we want to write about the topic. Forget about the grammar, the structures etc. Just write anything that the mind and heart are talking But then after 5 minutes, baru la check ape yang patut.

And I think, for writing a thesis, or any documentation, better if we start by drawing the mind map all the points that serabut dalam kepala itu. Then sort it out by using bullet points. Remove the unnecessary points. Then start with freestyle writing, so that the writing is a bit organized in terms of what should be written.


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