Planning your research

Just for few notes regarding the tips that I learnt on my last class about 'Planning the PhD research'

1. Must differentiate between 4 of this terms
- Important and Urgent
- Important but Not Urgent
- Urgent but Not Important
- Not Urgent and Not Important

For the 3rd term, we must get on it and finish off as soon as possible so that anything that included in that matter in our life do not interrupted our research schedule. For instance, the activity that likely included on that quarter is doing the laundry (esp. me with baju berendam tuh payah nooo nak basuh, sejuuuk nak basuh tangan). Merindui suasana panas memberus baju semasa di Malaysia :)

By the way, Not urgent and Not Important is something that we should avoid such as playing PsP, beat others at facebook geochallenge, surfing AutoTraders, blogging, reading emails, watching YouTube.... and the list goes on...

2. We must have master plan for our research (i.e. 36 months plan). It's important so that we have the idea of what should we do for the next months and later on. By the way, by using that big plan, we could detect and monitor our progress in such a big depiction. But we must reorganized or likely make some rearrangement on the plan if there's changes.

3. Researcher must have a log book in order to write the progress of a day. In the log book, we could divide the column into two, named it as 'Activities' and 'Action'. In the Activites column, we write down the work that we have done on that day and the work that we must do for the next day or for the week, and set the datelines for that work on the 'Action' column.


Fadzlina Nawi berkata...

Wani, knp tak pakai mesin basuh jer?

P/s: Ingat tak kak Shima masa BTN? Akak jumpa dia raya hari tu. Masuk LTU gak. Seronok gitu, jumpa semula.

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